DIY Edit Suite Design Pointers


The lower cost of gear opens more opportunities for independent editors, so it’s time to look at some good practices for DIY edit facilities. The considerations in designing and constructing your own suite include power, HVAC, ergonomics, acoustics and equipment configuration. This article is intended for the small-to-medium post production user on a limited budget.


Modern electronics don’t push power demands the way they did in the days of racks loaded with video gear. Most electrical circuits intended for standard office and even home use will be adequate to support the average nonlinear edit suite. If you have the ability to bring in an electrician and improve the service, then you will want a dedicated circuit (or two) for each editing room. These should be “home runs” direct from the outlets in the suite to the circuit breaker box.

Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) units are a “must have”. I…

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