Cinematography is like photographing dreams.Painters also created their reality using some techniques , we have also some  trick in our sleeves, as diffusion, different materials is used for lens diffusion as petroleum jelly, better known as Vaseline, being smeared on the lens or clear filter,A old Hollywood trick is to use women’s stockings to diffuse. In  this particular  way of diffusing a lens that uses women’s stockings over the rear element. This softens the image just a bit, but mainly it gives a dreamy glow to the highlights and blown out areas of the image. There’s no question it’s an interesting effect, and the fact that it’s a cheap solution makes it even more enticing to try. The soft glow that comes from using the stocking is technically imperfect, but that’s the idea, technical perfection does not always allow for the best image.This is from the test done by Shane.

Photo Copywright Shane Hurlbut ASC



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