Splice Now

Here are a few more tips I picked up at the Keycode demo.

Scroll Wheel Joy

If you’re like me, you’ve become dependent on a mouse with a scroll wheel (my favorite is the Microsoft Intellimouse Optical). But until Adrenaline, this didn’t work in the Media Composer, and even in Adrenaline, scrolling speed was so slow as to be all but useless. Version 2.7 changes that. Scrolling is now quite effective, and once you start using it I suspect you’ll soon wonder how you did without it all these years. If you don’t like the default scrolling speed you can change it via Mouse Settings. I would have preferred somewhat finer control — normal was a bit slow and moderate was too fast — but regardless, your scroll wheel is now functional. You can assign other mouse buttons to Media Composer functions, as well.


Horizontal Scrolling

If you’re working…

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