In this blog uttrakhandcinema.wordpress.com we are making efforts to communicate  all people who are concerned about uttarakhand art and culture particularly cinema, we think cinema encompasses various art form like drama , music, photography, literature etc.

Main purpose of blog is  to find out solution to problems  in making of viable Uttarakhand cinema within the  Indian film industry which will be at par with international cinema.We require to develop  infrastructure financial and technical. We need technically proficient people to translate our stories in cinematic language.

Today we have all to make movies, We know today it can be done, let’s make movies.  how ?  let us find out together.

We welcome you all, who love Uttarakhand and love to see it in big screen of  cinema.


One comment

  1. vinod deshpande

    आज हमारे देश में जितनी भी भाषा है.सबका अपना अपना वजूद है. इसलिए मुजे और मेरे जेसे सिनेमासे जुड़े हुए लोगोंको लगता है. की हमारे देश की सभी भाषा में प्रादेशिक सिनेमा होना जरुरी है digital camera जितना प्रगत होना चाहिए वो होचुका है

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